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a pair good afternoon, i'm grace lee. frank has the day off. a pair of earthquakes has provided a surprising wakeup call for a lot of people throughout the bay area. that shaking began just after 5: 30 along the hayward fault. the mag tute 4.0 and 2.9 were centered by el cerrito.
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gil diaz spoke with weres who say the shaking was the strong -- residents who say the shaking was the most they felt in years. >> reporter: there was a 4.0 and then two smaller ones this morning at 5:30 this morning starting. and mira country club area, the families had a rude awakening. >> we felt the first bump and then our three cats and dogs started to jump on the bed and freak out and then a bigger stronger bump came. >> there were two quakes. eight seconds apart. 18,000 people reported feeling them to the usgs. >> i didn't know what it was at first. i thought it was someone knocking at the door at first. >> reporter: the first one occurred at 5:33. a 2.9 at east richmond heights. the second bigger jolt 4.0 centered in el cerrito. >> we always have aftershocks. almost always.
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in fact there is a small chance that there could be a precurseer to a bigger vane. statistically looking -- event. statistically cloaking at california history, a 5 to 10% chance that an earthquake is followed by a larger earthquake in the next two days. >> the biggest quake cindy weeks has felt since moving to el cerrito nine years ago. she discovered this huge crack in the family room. >> we have mixed feelings. we never had cracks in the house before. we're right on top of the fault. it is pretty disturbing to know, okay, we're not fool- proof. >> reporter: at the mira vista country club, a shake monitor sent day to to usgs. >> we went through the course and checking the irrigation lines and the building and everything seems to be good. >> reporter: pg&e doesn't report any outages and the local fire stations did not get emergency calls. what happened in the east bay, not once, but twice in a few seconds, it turned out to be one heck of a wakeup call. and the usgs geologist that we
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spoke to this morning said today's quake could serve as a friendly reminder to be better prepared for a larger one. in addition to stocking up on food and water, also make sure you're stocking up on gas for your car. back to you. >> good advice. gill diaz live in el cerrito thank you. the trial of ross mirkarimi and abuse charges was put on hold. a key piece of testimony has to be decided as admissible or not. lisa has more on the developments. >> reporter: jury selection was supposed to begin at 9:13 this morning but 30 minutes ago, we learned that jurors were sent home for the day and they will return to court tomorrow. we have some video from this morning in court. we only saw elizabeth augiliar who is the assistant district attorney and ross mirkarimi's attorney. and are in addition to the jury selection, the judge must
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get the decision from the appellate decision regarding a writ that was filed by the attorney for sheriff mirkarimi's life eliana lopez. that decision was part of the reason for the delay in jury selection. the jury selection started. so that process is under way. and as you may imagine, in large part, because of yourself, people have a high awareness of this case and this very a lot of opinions so we're sorting through the lists to see if we can find a jury that will be fair in this matter. >> i felt very seriously about not having the jurors waiting around needlessly. and at this particular juncture, there is not a lot more the court can do today with regard to picking a jury because of a hearing and jurors for another case. >> >> reporter: of the 185 jurors, 34 have been dismissed already. 24 more are asking for a hardship. they will run to court tomorrow. that writ asks for the court proceedings to end. the superior court has declined
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that. but they did indicate that that video of mislopez will not be revealed to the jury until the superior court issues the ruling. there are a lot of other developments in this case. at 1:15 this afternoon, there is going to be an evidentiary hearing for christina flores, the ex-girlfriend of the sheriff, she filed a police report saying the sheriff was abusive to her while they were dating. this hearing actually started on friday and was continued until today. and will resume at 1:15 this affect. and also, interesting to note, we've learned that phil brawnstein, the former editor of the san francisco chronicle, has been called as a witness. apparently, the neighbor who elia in. a lopez went to after that new years eve incident, ivory madison, had contact with brawnstein after the incident, so he is being called as a witness in this case. so again, there are a lot of developments and it all continues with that evidentiary hearing this afternoon at 1:15 and the juror, the potential jurors, back in court, tomorrow
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morning. >> lisa washington with the very latest in san francisco, thank you. and right now, there are thousands of college students rallying in sacramento. protesters from public colleges and universities all over the state are gathered there. and they want lawmakers to restore funding for higher education and some favor a tax hike on the wealthy in order to pay for that. earlier this morning in san jose community college students boarded buses in order to join that protest. they're concerned about hikes in tuition and cuts in available spaces for students. teachers share that concern, saying that the budget crunch is hurting a whole generation of young people. >> and the increases are impacting them in a very negative way and what is basically happening is shutting the doors on thousands and thousands of students in the state of california and right here in the backyard. >> later, various groups planned to lobby lawmakers in person. some protesters marched all the way from oakland to uc davis yesterday before walking to the capitol today. trying to prove a point there. and for the first time
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ever, a sitting president of israel is here in the bay area. shimon peres arrived last night. this morning he toured the research and investment center for ibm. the focus of the trip is about innovation and technology. he will be in the bay area until thursday. president obama is meeting with israel's prime minister at the white house today. this comes as there is growing concern that israel could attack iran's nuclear facilities. mr. obama reaffirmed his position that he will not take any options off the table when it comes to iran. >> my policy here is not going to be one of containment. my policy is prevention of iran obtaining nuclear weapons. the united states will always have israel's back when it comes to israel's security. >> also today the white house and president obama will hold his first news conference of the year. not clear though what he plans to discuss. back here in the bay area, thousands of yahoo employees could be out of work soon.
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insiders with the sunnyvale company say the new ceo, scott thompson, is planning a massive restructuring. and that is expected to include layoffs in the thousands. the restructuring is expected to be aimed at yahoo's large products organization. public relations, marketing and research could also face cuts there. and another bay area headline, pg&e was warned more than 20 years ago, that there could be problems with a section of pipeline that exploded in san bruno. the chronicle reports that a retired gees -- that a geologist said a section of pipe should be replaced in 1990. vandals slashed tires on more than 50 cars over the weekend. all of the vandalized vehicles were in the area of ventura court. police believe it happened between 2:00 and 7:00 a.m. yesterday. the first call came in around 7:00 a.m. so far, they do not have any suspects. coming up, we've got a plea
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for help on youtube answered. and the star power that could soon lend a hand to an owe owe -- obese bay area man. it could be a sneak peek of the most anticipated gadget of the year. what is in a video that apparently shows the soon to be released i-pad 3. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. the wind has switched directions. and that means we're looking at major changes around the bay area and there is a chance of rain coming through. more on that in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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indiana now have another problem to deal with. overnight snow is complicati tornado victims in kentucky and indiana now have yet another problem to deal with. overnight snow is complicating cleanup efforts there. and it is making conditions even more dangerous. susan mcginnis reports from henryville, indiana, where the storm destroyed the high school, middle and elementary
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schools. >> 15-year-old courtney cummings walked with her parents past the wrecked high school in henryville, indiana this morning. the 9th grader won't be back in school any time soon. >> i want to be there. and i want to be in my classes. i want to see my teachers. i want to see my friends. >> reporter: tornadoes killed at least 39 people and displaced thousands in five states. the latest victim was angel babcock. she was found alive in a field in indiana, on friday. after the rest of her family died. many hoped she would be the miracle survivor, but the toddler died from her injuries sunday night. a new coating of snow that fell after the storm is complicating cleanup in many parts of kentucky and indiana. utility workers are trying to restore power as quickly as possible. >> they spray paint on the ground where we put our poles an we can't see the spray paint. so we got to try to clear the snow off to make sure we don't hit the utilities in the ground. >> reporter: the winter weather
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is also making conditions hazardous for homeowners trying to survey damage and make repairs. the heavy wet snow is concealing nails, downed power lines, and twisted steel. >> reporter: in west liberty, kentucky, there are signs of progress. cleanup is in full swing. and some banks are reopening. volunteers are passing out food. >> we just feel the need to try to help. i know there are a lot of people out there that probably haven't had a hot meal. >> reporter: power in some areas may not be restored for at least a week. susan mcginnis, cbs news, henryville, indiana. and republican candidates are scattered across the country today. courting voters in three different states ahead of super tuesday. one of the 10 contests tomorrow will have a lot of attention on it. and that will be the one in ohio. the polls show that mitt romney is gaining ground, putting him in a virtual tie with rick santorum. today, the former pennsylvania senator reminded voters in the buckeye state that the white house will be one with ideas,
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and not dollars. >> but this race is not going to be won or lost in the fall on money. this race is going to be won or loss on someone who can capture the imagine nation of the american people. >> reporter: newt gingrich is focusing his attention on his former home state of georgia, while ron paul is headed to alaska. the first candidate to visit that state this year. and an emotional plea for help from a local man who is desperate to lose several hundred pounds and apparently it is already working. representatives from the dr. phil show have reportedly contacted 23-year-old robert gibbs. the livermore man estimates that he weighs as much as 700 pounds. and he has trouble leaving his house. gibbs gained national attention last week after posting a video on youtube. hoping to find medical help. coming up, anyone's vacation can hit a snag. even royalty. why prince harry hits bumpy waters on his trip through the bahamas. beautiful sunshine. some warm temperatures still showing up inland today.
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but major changes on the way. we will talk about that coming up next. watch this. amazing pictures of huge chunks of ice crumbling from a glacier in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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take a look. amazing pictures here. as huge chunks of ice crumble from a glacier.
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this is in santa cruz, argentina. look at that. breakoffs like this on the glacier happen at regular intervals but the last time it happened was in 2008. lawrence loves this stuff, right? >> glacier, i love to see that stuff. and we had a fantastic weekend. would you agree, grace? >> we did. it is cooling off? >> it is cooling off now. thank you. the wind switched directions. we will cool down the temperatures outside. a bit of a sea breeze kicking up. especially near the coastline. cool numbers. let's take you out live outside over the bay. blue skies there. as you apoach the coastline, we have more clouds coming, and it is going to be cloudy for the better part of the day to the coastline. temperatures all over the map right now. and 67 degrees in concord. and 59 in oakland. and 71 though, you're not getting a marine influence yet in livermore and 51 degrees in san francisco. a little cool in the city by the bay. looks like we're going to keep the temperatures down, not only today but the coming days. the winds will be kicking up as we head in toward tuesday and a slight chance we could see some showers later on tonight. and high pressure, now sliding
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eastward, so the temperatures are coming down, especially along the coastline and inside the bay. still staying pretty warm in the valleys. this low drops in overnight tonight. and as it moves on by, it will bring with it clouds and at least a chance of some showers. late tonight and early tomorrow morning. here you can see overnight tonight, the cold front sweeps in, and midnight tonight, you got a lot of clouds outside. not much in the way of rain. and then it looks like mainly some scattered showers rolling through. late tonight, early tomorrow morning. an then it is gone. but behind -- and then it is gone. but behind the cold front, we will see strong winds gusting around the bay area especially near the coastline and over the mountain tops. this afternoon, we tweak the temperatures up a few degrees. 70 degrees the expected high in san jose. and 71 in santa clara. and still cool at the coastline. 52 degrees in pacifica. and east bay number, maybe the mid-70s to brentwood. 73 in antioch. and about 72 degrees in fairfield. you get in through the delta, a little cooler out there. and 50s and 60s inside the bay. and as we look out over the next couple of days, major changes in the works. much cooler temperatures coming our way. a chance of showers early tomorrow morning. but if you sleep in, you might
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miss it. i'm not going to. i will be right here watching the raindrops pass on by. by wednesday and thursday, it looks like much warmer temperatures with offshore winds. you love that offshore flow. >> i know you do. this is why we don't immediate it in the early morning show. -- don't need it in the early morning show. we had a lot of excitement with the earthquake. >> can't wait for tomorrow. >> who knows that will bring. >> thanks, lawrence. apple is expected to unveil the i-pad 3 this wednesday. and we already have indications low it will differ from earlier models. a tiny part shows that there is video, with the new version, it is slightly thicker, because the display has higher resolution. and there are also rumors that the latest device has a more powerful processor to better handle high end games and apps. it should be quicker. britain's prince harry is taking part in the first business trip of sorts. it is through the caribbean. the young prince is mingling with locals in several commonwealth countries to celebrate a royal anniversary. monica da mazzar shows us the
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highlights of the tour of paradise. >> a tropical version of a royal convoy rolls through the streets of the bahamas, carrying britain's prince harry and his body guard. the prince is in a diplomatic mission, representing queen elizabeth overseas for the first time on his own. it is all part of the diamond jub -- jubilee celebration. which marks 60 years since elizabeth took the throne. the bahamas is a commonwealth country that considers the queen the head of state. and it is where prince harry's parents spent their honeymoon back in 1982. >> the bahamas hold a very special place in her majesty's heart. >> the prince's whirlwind caribbean tour hit some choppy water at one point. the royal had to abandon ship when the boat broke down during a security drill with the navy. the royals are hoping for smoother sailing here in london. when the jubilee celebrations take place, this summer. and the queen is actually
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expected to lead a parade of 1,000 boats along the thames river. but prince harry's jubilee trip is not over yet. he climbed the ancient mayans pyramids in belize, partied in the streets and drank local rum. >> i am speechless right now. i don't want to wash my hands. >> the prince says the tour of paradise would probably make his brother and sister-in-law, will and kate, jealous. and jamaica is still to come. monica mazzar, cbs news, london. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, today's table, we will make something delicious. it is a sausage soup. we will have rigatoni instead. and woe won't make it into soup. when you buy escarole this time of the year, make sure it has a beautiful green color all the way around and nice and fluffy and the bigger, the better. put it in the refrigerate when you bring it home right away. we add some garlic and olive oil and then we added the sausage. we brown the sausage. a little bit of chicken stock. and then the escarole. we didn't blanch it before. we put it in just like there. then we added some tomatoes and now the rigatoni. i will get the rigatoni here and put it in. on the canelini beans, a little
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bit of the juice works good in a recipe like this. a lot of times i say take that out but in this case, we will put it in. and we cook the rigatoni, 75%, nice and al dente, and we will finish it off with a little bit of pepper. and a little bit of red pepper flakes. even though we used hot sausage anyway. and salt, we are not going to use because there is already salt already from the chicken stock and the sausage. and we are going to serve. easy to make. delicious. and loaded, loaded with flavor and of course, we will finish it off with a little bit of pecorino ra mano. there you go. here is tony's table. dinner is served. ciao. >> it is just that easy. coming up at 5:00, your child's sleep could provide new clue into their behavior. the sleep problems that may be an early indicator of a much bigger problem. that's tonight at 5:00. and we are going to show you something that you probably
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have never seen before. it is a rare set of triplet brown bears. they make weird sounds. they made their debut at an animal park in south carolina. and they are just eight weeks old. cute little things. and one of the most endangered bear species on earth. they only weigh about eight pounds each right now. and they don't have any names so far. >> i know a good name for them. we're hungry. where's mom? >> that's what they're screaming. >> you love bears, right? >> yes. >> you always seek them out. >> they're cute, too. >> have a great monday. ,,
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] your glass of tap water can go farther than you think. just $1 for tap water can help unicef provide clean, safe water for 40 kids in need.

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